Register Your Tires

We recommend you register your new tires with Cooper Tires. This allows us to contact you in the event of product safety-related recall. We will not use this information for marketing purposes. See Our Privacy Policy

What you'll need in order to register:

  • The Cooper Tires registration form that you received from the dealer
  • The DOT numbers on your tires

The rest of the required information on this tire registration helps provide Cooper Tires with the data to contact you if necessary, and will not be used for marketing purposes.

Contact Information

Required Fields

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Tire Information

Add Additional DOT Numbers

Add Additional DOT Numbers If the tires you just purchased have identical DOT numbers to the number you have entered above, you can skip the following fields. If there are multiple DOT numbers, please enter them below. You do not have to enter the same DOT number more than once. Instead, please increase the quantity for that DOT number (limit 6).

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How to find your DOT number

The DOT or serial number begins with the letters "DOT" followed by a combination of numbers and letters up to 13 characters. You can find the DOT number on the sidewall of your tires as shown in the example. Do not include the letters "DOT" in the input box.

Please note, when some tires are mounted, the full DOT number will face the inside of your wheel well and not show on the exterior facing sidewall. Your DOT number should be is 8-13 digits long with the last 4 digits as numbers or numbers with letters.